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Brutus Truck Bodies: Power Inverters for Work Trucks

Mobile Fleet Industry: Heavy-duty power inverters built for the most extreme conditions

Since building the first “Brutus Box” in 1981, Brutus Truck Bodies has been building heavy-duty custom work trucks to handle the most extreme working conditions. Located in Penticton, BC, Brutus Truck Bodies facilities include five large buildings spread over seven acres. All work is done on the premises by their team of over 80 full-time fabricators, engineers, technicians, painters and other specialists.

Brutus bodies are known and respected for their strength, durability, and quality builds for use in rugged sectors such as forestry, construction, mining, and oil & gas. Their truck bodies range from niche one-off builds to complete work truck fleets for government sectors and municipalities.

Innovative power solution required for Utility Fleet customer

Brutus Truck Bodies works directly with truck dealers and vendors to ensure their customers get exactly what they need. Once the customer has indicated the brand and model truck they’re buying and how the truck will be used, Brutus helps spec out all the critical details with premium name brand parts and quality components for a long, trouble-free life.

When BC Hydro approached Brutus for a fleet of work trucks that required a heavy-duty mobile power solution, Brutus recommended the Samlex EVO™ Inverter/Charger for an ALL-IN-ONE pure sine inverter, adaptive battery charger and transfer relay unit. The EVO’s surge rating of 3X its continuous power output allows operators to run high surge tools and equipment that requires heavy power on start-up and longer run times. By having reliable mobile power crews can be more productive and stay out in the field longer.

Brutus Truck Bodies backs Samlex for the customer support, quality and reliability

Brutus bodies are designed for the most severe working conditions, it’s important that the components Brutus installs can hold up to heavy usage and harsh elements. Quality, durability, and product support is essential to the Brutus team and to their customers.

“Any issues we’ve had have been resolved in a quick and timely manner and to our satisfaction. It’s been a great product line all around.”

– Mike Leitch, Parts & Purchasing Manager, Brutus Truck Bodies

“Anything that is used for our clients, for our stock units and any of our fleet customers is 100% Samlex. It’s the quality, the reliability, it’s being able to get a Samlex at any Lordco across British Columbia or directly through their supply chain. With Samlex, there’s almost a zero-failure rate. They’re extremely reliable and that’s why we back Samlex.”

– Curtis Turchak, Sales Manager, Brutus Truck Bodies


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