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All communication systems are critical. Critical to your operation, to the protection of your assets, and to the safety of your staff or the public. Downtime is not an option. To meet this expectation, you need a quality electrical power backbone to feed your equipment. Industry tested since 1991, our reputation for designing and manufacturing durable and robust radio power supplies makes us the preferred choice. Trusted by wireless carriers, two-way radio network operators, and IT professionals around the globe. Whether you need to power a base station, upfit a mobile command center, or provide a complete comm-shack power backup system – our full complement of power conversion products will meet the critical demands of your application.

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Outstanding Customer Service – Providing exceptional customer service is our top priority. For product specification expertise, sales support, and technical assistance, talk to someone the first time you call, guaranteed.

Certification - Our products are certified to industry standards (UL, CSA, and FCC) and are field-proven for exceptional performance under the most extreme conditions.

Industry Proven Product Reliability – Critical communication customers depend on Samlex to keep their command centers and regular operations running when normal power is interrupted or down.

Manufacturer Innovation – Samlex is the manufacturer. We offer customization or private labeling for your specific project needs. Learn more about our OEM Services.


Communications Applications

Public Safety Networks | Land Mobile Radio | Amateur Radio | Dispatch Systems | Telecom | Government Networks | DAS | Natural Resource Sector | Data Centers | Fleet | Disaster Recovery

From powering mission critical communications to providing reliable backup electrical power for data centers or “comm-shacks”, Samlex America has a wide range of two-way radio power supply solutions to meet your critical application.

  • Emergency service vehicles are all equipped with mission-critical mobile technology inside and outside the vehicle. You rely on two-way radios, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi hotspots, air cards, and mobile phones. First responders always have electrical power wherever they are with our robust PST Series Inverters onboard.
  • Innovations in technology mean faster and more robust networks that are sensitive to power disruptions. Samlex provides seamless access to power with our PSR Rack Mount Inverters with remote monitoring and alarming capabilities.
  • Outfit your HAM radio shack with our SEC Series Power Supplies and Custom Radio Cabinets for a reliable, efficient, compact and lightweight electrical power supply for your ham radio. With our EVO™ Inverter/Chargers your HAM shack is protected against power loss when disaster or major storms strike.
  • From airport radio communications to taxi dispatch operators, your productivity and the safety of others rely on critical conversations happening without disruption or downtime. You can depend on the industry proven Samlex SEC Power Supplies for uninterrupted critical communications.



“HRO started in 1971, and after 50 years has grown to be the largest ham radio retailer in the world with 12 outlets and a large internet presence. As the ham radio industry advanced, equipment became smaller and hams wanted something less heavy and bulky than traditional linear/transformer power supplies. When switching supplies made an appearance acceptance was slow as many generated unwelcome noise. Samlex was the first quiet, quality product we could recommend to our customers. Even though there is more competition now, Samlex is still one of the best quality products we sell. They have excellent customer service and continue to expand their line of products to keep up with the times. Whether selling or buying we recommend Samlex power supplies.”

Janet Margelli, Mgr, Ham Radio Outlet-Anaheim

“JVCKenwood Canada is a leading manufacturer of LMR Communications Products. We have been partners with Samlex America for many years. We sell complete mission and business critical radio communications that include power supply solutions. With Samlex products we know we're providing our customers with high quality, reliable power solutions at a fair price. If you are looking for a valued power supply partner for your business, Samlex America would be the one!”

Wilf Mulder, JVCKENWOOD Canada Inc.

“EPCOM is a worldwide leading distributor for Wireless and Security Systems. We have 19 distribution centers and partner with the top distributors in Central and South America. Samlex America products complement our customer's requirements. We are impressed with their quality of product and excellent service from our dedicated account manager (Aida Guerrero). At Epcom we only work with products we trust, and Samlex is the best.”

Jorge Mingura, EPCOM El Paso Communicaton Systems Inc.

"Our company (COMUNIDOR S.A.) operates 24/7 communication systems that require a steady and reliable power source at all times. We use the Samlex America EVO™ Inverter / Charger as a solution to provide reliability to our backup system and energy transfers. EVO™ is a product that we recommend to all our customers with energy systems that require 24/7 power."

Max Hunter, General Manager, COMUNIDOR S.A.

"When I received my first radio class operator’s license back In 1999, I was looking for some quality starter gear. I did some research and one name that was repeated for quality, durability and not out of my price range, was Samlex Power supplies, namely Model 1223. I was sold! Years of use without even thinking about it, as it should be. Life happens and was off the air for years. Now (in 2019), I was back in the game and needed a power supply once again. I found that 20 years later, Samlex actually still makes the same Model 1223 unit, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! I purchased the 1235 with just a bit more power. I am confident that it will do what it was built for and if by chance it doesn’t, Samlex after all these years will be there if I so need. Solid, Consistent, Well Built, Samlex! Thanks once again!"

Paul Osterman, KB9ULA, Las Vegas, Nevada

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