Oct 3 | News

Product Launch: SBC-2-DC Solar Panel Branch Connectors

Samlex is continuously looking to improve and refine our comprehensive product line to ensure our products meet the most current standards and expectations. We are excited to share the product launch of the SBC-2-DC Solar Panel Branch Connectors which will replace the previous SBC-2 model of branch connectors. The new SBC-2-DC is smaller and more compact and has a higher DC rating of up to 1500V according to IEC 6285 and UL 6703. The new model will operate the same as the older model and there is no change to the application or use. The new SBC-2-DC branch connectors are compatible with the previous SBC-2 branch connectors and MC4 and MC4-2 Multi-Contact Connectors 

SBC-2-DC diagram

SBC-2-DC solar panel branch connectors are used to connect solar panels in parallel. They are sold in pairs and include (1) male and (1) female. Each package includes an unlocking tool for trouble-free installation. Branch connectors can be used to expand Samlex SRV Solar Charging Kits with SSP solar panels.    

SBC-2-DC- branch cnnectors

The SBC-2-DC branch connectors are included with the SPB-SHARE400 and SPB-ENJOY600Solar + Power Bundles and come with a 2-year limited warranty.  

Some of the key features include:  

  • Easy to install
  • “Snap-in” type of safety locking tabs
  • Contacts are sealed against ingress of dust and water
  • Connects solar panels in parallel  



If you have any questions about the SBC-2-DC solar panel branch connectors or would like to find out where to buy, please contact our team of solar experts.  

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