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Gray Ghost Restorations: Off-Grid Solar on Airstream Renovation

RV Industry: Gray Ghost Restorations chooses Samlex Solar for the slim, modern design and simplicity of the install

Gray Ghost Restorations is a custom Airstream builder in Vancouver, BC. They first got into it after building one for themselves and found that the vintage, iconic look combined with the ability to customize the Airstream trailer to meet customer’s needs really struck home. Spending much of their career building custom residential homes in Whistler, BC, Gray Ghost Restorations’ attention to design and construction ensures that each Airstream renovation is built to last with the highest quality products.

Choosing components that match the clean, modern aesthetic of the Airstream is a key consideration for Gray Ghost Restorations. The Samlex Solar SCC-30AB Charge Controller features a slim, space-saving design that sits nearly flush with the interior walls of the Airstream. This allows their customers to monitor their solar system and regulate the charge of their batteries with a small, clean display rather than some of the larger Charge Controller options on the market.

The Samlex Solar Charge Controller is paired with the well thought out Samlex SRV 100 watt and 150 watt solar panel kits, which come with easy-to-follow instructions and all the parts required, making for a seamless installation process for both professionals and DIYers.

“The Solar Panel Kits are well thought out and well put together. Instructions are simple if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, and if you do it on a daily basis, everything just fits together and works”

Gray Ghost Restorations trusts Samlex America products for their reliability and durability

Most of their customers are using their renovated Airstream trailers to go on vacation but there’s a growing number of people that are living in them full or part-time as alternative off-grid housing or using them as remote offices. With the widest offering of off-grid power systems on the market, Samlex has a solution for whatever the situation calls for. Supported by a network of national and regional distribution partners, technical support experts, and the best customer service in the industry, Gray Ghost Restorations counts on Samlex products to provide reliable off-grid power to their customers.

“Having solar power is truly a game changer. If you’re spending a day out at the beach and you come back to your trailer, it’s nice to have all the power you need to run your fridge, run your lights and all the goodies, without having to fire up your generator. It’s an awesome thing having silent power.”


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