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Samlex Celebrates 30 Years of Putting Customers First

Samlex America is marking another major milestone as the company celebrates its 30th year as a leading manufacturer of power conversion products.

Since its inception in 1991, Samlex America has grown from an idea and a vision to an internationally recognized global supplier of mobile and off-grid power solutions. The company’s wide range of products are designed with superior durability and reliability in mind, and always supported through real people delivering sales, customer, and technical support.

“From the garage of our founder Earl Berg, to now having a market footprint covering over 90 countries all over the globe – all while living up to our reputation for outstanding customer service and product innovation – we are immensely proud of where we are today,” says President, Mike Hamanishi. “It’s been an incredible journey so far. With the many twists and turns we have experienced in the industry through all these years, Samlex continues to evolve to meet these changing demands. All the while, making a positive impact on the lives of others as our core purpose, front and center to everything we do. My deepest gratitude and highest praise to all the tireless employees at Samlex, past and present, that define who we are every day.”

We’ve gotten to this point by building lasting relationships

Samlex’s enduring success can be attributed to the company’s strong focus on putting the customer first. From providing exceptional warranty coverage and tech support, to offering valuable training and support to dealers, Samlex goes the extra mile to surpass their customer’s expectations and ensure strong relationships with their partners. These beliefs along with a strong set of family values and the agility to adapt to market conditions have allowed Samlex to thrive over the past 30 years and confidently navigate market challenges.

“The manufacturing of power conversion equipment is no different than any other industry facing this period of exciting challenges that come with disruption and transformation,” says Hamanishi. “To drive our future beyond our historic success, we’re embracing change through continuous improvements such as the recent launch of our new website, innovative new additions to our product offering, expanding our sales team, and finding better, simpler ways to do business with Samlex so that we may all succeed together.”

Special thanks to all our loyal and trusting customers over the past thirty years

As Samlex America enters this milestone year, the company would like to take the opportunity to thank all of its customers, vendors, and contractors, many of whom have been working with Samlex since the very beginning, for their trust and loyalty. Beyond the business transaction, it is the countless friendships that have developed through these years that make this journey the success that it is. While the anniversary celebrations kick off this month, Samlex America has an exciting calendar of events and marketing promotions planned throughout the upcoming year.


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