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How to upgrade your Samlex BRM Power Supply

The Samlex SEC BRM-40 is a 40 Amp rackmount AC-DC power supply with N+1 and battery backup capability. The function of a power supply is to transfer power from an AC source to DC loads while converting voltage and current, and with the BRM you have the added benefit of DC source backup when connected to an external battery. The Samlex BRM series are modular switch mode power supplies. As explained here, a switch mode power supply or SMPS is an electronic power supply that integrates a switching regulator for efficient electrical power conversion.

The nice thing about these 19″ power supplies is that they are modular which means that if you already own a 40Amp BRM, but need a higher-capacity unit, you don’t have to purchase a new unit. You can simply order an additional module for your BRM power supply and install the new module on your current BRM power supply.

N + 1 Redundancy

These advanced switch-mode DC power supplies come with built-in battery backup to produce clean, reliable power in the event of a module failure. Active N + 1 redundancy is a form of resilience that ensures system availability in such scenarios.

For this feature to work properly, modules (N) should have at least one backup module (+1) fully operational and sharing the load with the other modules. When sizing the load, it is important to keep in mind that the load should not exceed the current supplied by N; leaving the +1 module as redundancy.


Video Tutorial: How to Upgrade a Samlex 40Amp BRM Power Supply

The installation process is very straightforward and it should take only 5 to 10 minutes to install an additional module onto your BRM-40 power supply to increase its output current capacity. Additional optional module(s) can be added to upgrade the output current capacity by steps of 20A to a maximum of 100A.

For example, an SEC-40BRM (40A, with 2 modules) can be upgraded to 60A by adding 1 more module or to 80A by adding 2 more modules or to 100A by adding 3 more modules. The optional module SEC-2012MPSB comes with an LED and LED holder. Its output voltage is pre-set at 14.2 Volts.

Written Instructions

If you prefer a written version of the necessary steps that you need to take to upgrade your Samlex BRM power supply by installing an additional module, take a look at page 15 of your BRM manual.

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